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Shein’s Potential London IPO: A Human Rights Analysis for Investors

Shein, the world’s largest fashion retailer, is preparing for a potential listing on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). With an estimated valuation of £53 billion, it would be one of the largest IPOs in London’s history, representing both a significant milestone for the Chinese brand, founded in 2008, and substantial potential returns for the financial institutions considering investment.

While the opportunities for investors may be attractive, the company’s human rights record, which includes allegations of forced labour, poor working conditions, and failing to make required public disclosures under the UK Modern Slavery Act, raises considerable concerns.

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‘Tis the season to be … vigilant!

Christmas preparations are in full swing. Roads and rail networks are congested with increased traffic delivering goods to warehouses, shops, and homes. Businesses thrive, and consumers eagerly seek bargains for the perfect Christmas, striving for the festive scenes and goodwill portrayed in the ads that have been on repeat since Halloween.

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Slave-Free Alliance: A Global Forum for Change – Post Conference Review

It was a day to remember! All of us at Slave-Free Alliance would like to thank all those who took the time to participate in our latest Annual Conference, held in London on 27th September 2023. We welcomed nearly 100 delegates from 51 different organisations, all with the common goal of ending modern slavery and exploitation and changing lives.

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Canada passes tough supply chains legislation

Canada has joined the list of countries taking decisive action on forced labour in supply chains, after passing Bill S-211 this week. The new law means that Canadian businesses must report in detail on what they are doing to identify, address and prevent forced labour, prison labour and child labour in their supply chains. It is set to come into force from January 1, 2024.

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Utilities Against Slavery: A Year in Review

It was a busy, productive year with a wealth of achievements and milestones, all with one objective in mind: to eradicate modern slavery from the utility sector. Having published the group’s annual report for 2022, let’s look back over a year well-spent and forward to the coming year of collaborative action.  

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