Modern Slavery Awareness for Executives


Modern Slavery Awareness for Executives

Course Duration: 1+ Hours

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About the course

Slave-Free Alliance’s Modern Slavery Awareness for Executives training course explains the executive responsibility for managing modern slavery risks and issues in operations and supply chains as well as the impact of modern slavery and emerging trends. This course is great for getting senior level buy-in to your anti-slavery programme.

We provide engaging content through facilitator-led presentations, group activities and videos. Our training can be delivered in-person or virtually. 

Slave-Free Alliance modern slavery training courses improve understanding and decision-making, and help to integrate anti-slavery considerations into daily practice. Our courses aid teams to identify and respond to modern slavery concerns. 

We draw on our modern slavery training team’s international experience of corporate learning and development and protecting human rights in supply chains. We can work with you to understand your modern slavery training needs.

What will you learn?

By the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand what modern slavery is and how it occurs in your countries of operation and globally

  • Consider the impact of modern slavery on your business (including the Modern Slavery Act 2015: Section 54 and UN Guiding Principles)

  • Consider the impact of current and emerging issues (including Brexit, the Covid-19 pandemic and global pressures on human rights)

  • Consider impact on your reputation

  • Recognise the signs and indicators of different types of modern slavery

  • Respond appropriately if a victim is identified or incident of modern slavery is found in your organisation or supply chain

Slave-Free Alliance Training for Executives

Who is it for?

This training course is aimed at executives and leaders who are accountable for effectively managing the risk of modern slavery across the reaches of their organisation, operations and supply chains. 

The course lasts 1 hour or more depending on your requirements, and we can customise some of the material to suit your organisation, sector and industry.

Extensive changes may incur additional cost.  

Ethical Trade Manager, Waitrose & Partners
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