Health Carousel renews SFA membership and marks Human Trafficking Prevention Month with charity donation

One of Slave-Free Alliance’s original members in the United States, Health Carousel, has reiterated its commitment to social impact and its determination to protect its extended workforce of international healthcare professionals against the risks of labor exploitation and labor trafficking by renewing its membership for another term. This enables Health Carousel to continue making strides in its human rights agenda by developing further capability among its employees to understand and identify risks and proactively ensure the welfare of its extended workforce.

To mark Human Trafficking Prevention Month, the Health Carousel Foundation has also made a generous $5,000 donation towards the life-changing work of SFA’s U.S.-based parent organization Hope for Justice, meaning more victims and survivors will benefit directly from our interventions and protection.

Rachel Hartley, Consultancy Director at Slave-Free Alliance, said: “We are pleased to continue our partnership with Health Carousel to support the business in expanding and strengthening its human rights initiatives and proactively protecting its extended workforce. Health Carousel continues to be a dedicated member of SFA and has made significant progress in 18 months. We are grateful that Health Carousel continues to grow the scope of its support through this generous donation to Hope for Justice in aid of Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Health Carousel employees are highly engaged in our projects and keen to play their part in mitigating human rights risks, so we look forward to further engagements on these crucial initiatives.”

Andrew Lingo, executive director for the Health Carousel Foundation, said: “Recognizing that individuals migrating for work are especially vulnerable to acts of modern slavery and as the largest recruiter of internationally-educated nurses to the U.S., our organization needs to be active in all manners of activities combatting human trafficking in all of its forms.”

Health Carousel, the Health Carousel Foundation, and Slave-Free Alliance look forward to years of close partnership, fruitful collaboration, and pioneering ethical recruitment and labor practices in the United States.

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