Slave-Free Alliance and Exiger

Exiger is revolutionizing-decision making in supply chain management, partnering with the world’s largest corporations, banks, government agencies and NGOs to make the world a safe and transparent place to succeed.

As the strategic technology partner, Exiger joins forces with Slave Free Alliance to stamp out forced labor by bringing proprietary supply chain management technology to the frontlines in the global fight against modern slavery.

Built upon the world’s largest forced labor and modern slavery dataset and proven to identify and mitigate human rights issues on a global scale, Exiger emboldens its 550 global customers, including 150 in the Fortune 500 and over 50 government agencies, with an award-winning AI technology suite delivered through a comprehensive platform.

The Exiger platform is the industry first end-to-end supply chain resilience environment designed to make supply chain management simple, intuitive and accessible. Exiger’s partnership with Slave Free Alliance includes access to this proprietary real-time supply chain management technology, which is part of a larger Exiger effort to equip global nonprofits and NGOs with the same tools that major Fortune 500 companies and government agencies use to gain supply chain insights and visibility.

"Exiger is working alongside the Slave-Free Alliance at the frontlines of combating forced labor and modern slavery with advanced machine learning technology that creates supply chain visibility that was never before possible. They’ve built the largest forced labor and supply chain data network in the world that our experts will now be able to leverage to help every organization play a part in creating a slave-free future.”

“…modern slavery and forced labor are a scourge on the global community and have no place in modern supply chains. We’re honored to work collaboratively with the Slave-Free Alliance and demonstrate how AI and graph technology can be used to target this problem, serving as a force for good.”

Exiger is also a member of Slave Free Alliance and the exclusive technology partner for Hope for Justice. Learn more about how we are working together for a brighter, more ethical future.

Hear CEOs Tim Nelson and Brandon Daniels reflect on shared progress in the fight against modern slavery and forced labor, one year after the enactment of the UFLPA.

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