Slave-Free Alliance and Everstream

Slave-Free Alliance’s strategic partnership with Everstream Analytics combines Everstream’s AI-powered Modern-Day Slavery solution with SFA’s proprietary forced labor intelligence to uncover and mitigate labor exploitation risks within their supply chains.

One of the most significant challenges enterprises face in the fight against modern-day slavery is understanding complex sub-tier supplier relationships. Automated network visibility and monitoring is the crucial first step to finding which suppliers operate in extended supply ecosystems. As the world’s first Slave-Free Alliance-validated modern slavery and forced labor technology provider, Everstream’s n-tier visibility uses generative AI, advanced analytics, and graph technology to precisely map complex, multi-tiered supplier relationships.

Advanced technology is key to monitoring the dynamic network for forced labor risks. The historic use of surveys to audit suppliers for ESG compliance and forced labor risk doesn’t work. Everstream’s AI analyzes and combines massive amounts of data, including historical supplier analysis, media alerts and risk signals, and supplier watch lists with expert human analysis to uncover and predict forced labor risk at the product and location level. With relevant and targeted risk scoring, you get the most accurate view of risk exposure to make more informed decisions and take effective measures to combat labor exploitation.

When instances of forced labor are found, the instinct might be to cut off suppliers, but that approach doesn’t solve the issue. The perpetrators will simply close one business down and open another. That’s where Slave-Free Alliance helps you work with suppliers to incentivize discontinuing the use of forced labor, benefiting workers and communities.

Everstream is also the exclusive technology partner to SFA’s supply chain working groups to share expert guidance on modern slavery risks and mitigation strategies.

Together, Everstream and Slave-Free Alliance help organizations across the globe build ethical and compliant supply chains to put an end to modern slavery.